How to Get Rid of Self-Sabotage

How often are we told to “stay in the moment?”  This is good advice when struggling with a problem, experiencing stress or combating fear.  When it comes to our health, many times we sabotage ourselves because we are thinking of the moment and not the future consequences of our decisions.

One of the most helpful things for my health has been to connect with my “Future Self”.  I don’t remember where I read this, but the author suggested that  one of the reasons why we decide to forgo exercise or eat/drink something that we know will sabotage our efforts is that we are living for the moment and are not connecting with our “Future Self”.

He suggested that we write two letters from our future self to our current self. One letter is from the future self who continued making poor food choices and didn’t exercise. It goes something like this,

“Dear Tonia, It’s 2021- my life is a wreck. I have high blood pressure, I am over weight and I feel tired and sick.  Because you chose to give in to your cravings with food and alcohol and did not exercise,  I have no confidence or self-respect.  I am spending all of my spare money on medical bills…” .

Then another from the future self who made wise choice to eat healthy foods and exercise on a regular basis. It would sound like this,

“Dear Tonia, it’s 2021 and life is amazing. Because you had so much discipline, I am living a vibrant life. Your energy to build the business you built and the decisions you made to take care of yourself have enabled me to have the amazing life I always dreamed of…”

The letters I wrote have helped me in incredible ways. I read them over and over, and I now try to connect to that self in my moments of decision. Which future self will you choose to be?